Don't Let Trump Take Food Away from Struggling Workers and Families

Thank you to all who submitted a comment in opposition to the Trump administration's rule.

After failing to gut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - formerly known as food stamps—in the 2019 Farm Bill, President Donald Trump is looking to sidestep Congress and slash the nation's largest food assistance program by fiat. According to the administration's own estimate, its proposed rule would jeopardize food assistance for 755,000 Americans in fiscal year 2020. It would also dramatically weaken SNAP by making it even harder for unemployed and underemployed workers to access food assistance.

President Trump's proposed rule comes as we mark the one-year anniversary of his tax law - which gave more in tax breaks to the top 1 percent than the entire cost of the SNAP program.

Thank you for speaking out against these cruel cuts—and for telling the Trump administration that making struggling workers hungrier won't help anyone find a job any faster.

What happens next? The administration is legally required to read every unique comment submitted in response to its proposed rule. In the coming months, the administration will decide, based in large part on the comments submitted, whether to finalize the rule in its current form, change it, or abandon it altogether. Stay tuned for updates and join the conversation at #HandsOffSNAP.

Thank you again for your efforts to ensure everyone has access to food.

If you have any questions about the comment you submitted, please contact Christine Sloane at